Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Do You Do It?

My local quilt group is making some super scrappy (read: random) quilt tops to donate to the Women's and Children's Alliance.  We recently did some baby quilts so we wanted these to be bigger in size for older children.  The tops are made from 5" squares and there are 11x13.  After I pieced together 4 rows, I was wondering about doing them a different way...making larger squares (I was thinking just sewing 4 together in a 2x2, but could probably even do more).  I didn't know if this would be easier than wrangling the longer rows.  My mind has just always thought to do rows, not sure why, maybe it's based on what type of thinker/right brain/left brain thing we are so I wondered if that's how most people do it.  How do you do it?  Would one way be easier/faster and maybe even more accurate as far as where all points line up?