Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going for a Stroll and More Girl Projects

Today was a beautiful weather day.  The temperature reached somewhere between 70 and 74 depending on which thermometer you were looking at.  The boys and I had ventured out to Nampa for a few errands and once we got home and got Calvin fed we decided we'd go outside and take a little 'stroll' and bike ride around 5:30.  This was Calvin's first time in the stroller outside - he got to use the small stroller last weekend when we went to the bookstore, but he liked his experience today better.  
Hunter led the way and would turn around to say hi to Calvin
my blue-eyed baby
my sweet boys
Calvin really was more excited than he looks in this picture, I swear

This evening Travis went to visit some friends, the boys went to sleep at decent times and I finished a couple more projects for Sara's baby shower tomorrow.  My first project was this applique-like ladybug in a frame.  I wanted a way to use leftover quilt fabric, I had the idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like, and while I'm not quite sure this is it, I still like it.  I hope she does too!  The ladybug is sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass, so the wall shows through on the back (hard to tell in this picture).  I couldn't decide if I should leave  it that way, add it to another piece of fabric, or what.  What do you think?

Next I worked on a butterfly appliqued onesie.  I bought a plain white onesie (size 12 months) that is really nice and thick - good quality - and I used some more of my leftover fabric from the quilt for these butterflies.  
So much fun to work on girl projects, but I imagine I could make some just as adorable for my (and others') boys!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunter at the Doctor and Girl Projects!

Hunter had his doctor appointment for a check up on Monday.  I took him in because Calvin was sleeping so Travis and he stayed behind.  Hunter weighed in at 42 pounds (100th percentile) and is 39 inches (80th percentile).  He was a little nervous, I think, because the last few times he has been to the doctor with Calvin he now associates the doctor with shots (I don't think he can remember actually getting shots himself - but maybe).  Luckily for him - and me - he didn't have to have shots this year, but will next year (they do their 'Kindergarten' shots at 4 now I guess).  He also had an eye exam and has 20/20 vision.  It was kind of cute because the nurse showed him some cards with the objects from the chart on them and the one that looked like: ⇧ he called an arrow (when most kids call it a house).  And the one that looked like: ◯ he called an 'o' when most kids say circle.  There was another one that had the outline of what was supposed to be an apple, and he called it a heart (it was pretty close to heart-shaped).  Here's the picture of him being embarrassed by the eye patch:
This is the first place I've known about that they have the kids change into a gown for their checkup.  I tried to upload last year's picture as well, but it wouldn't work for some reason, so here's this year's:
After his appointment we went to the new JoAnn's for fabric.  I'm not finishing my knitted blanket on time for Saturday's baby shower - so I decided I'd whip up another frayed edge quilt for my friend's baby girl.  We picked up some cute fabric and I splurged a little and got a rotary blade and mat because I did not want to trace squares anymore!

Isn't this fabric I picked up so cute?  

That night I got all of my squares cut out:
I love my new fabric cutting tools - can you believe when I made Hunter's blanket I traced and cut (with scissors) all 144+ squares?  Where have you been all my life Mr. Rotary Blade?

The next day I completed the blanket - it was a quick project and I had so much fun making something for a GIRL!  I'll have to do more, especially since I know of 2 other new baby girls!

The blanket all sewn up and ready to cut!
The finished product after a cycle through the washer and dryer - I love the way it frayed!
Close of of the monogramed details - personally my favorite, it adds a special touch!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

Okay, so first off the Scentsy party/Ladies Night did not turn out the way I had planned.  I spent the ENTIRE day on Saturday cleaning.  I had overestimated my abilities.  Usually I can run through and get the house looking good between the time that I wake up the day of an event until the event itself.  I need to stop doing this, I know.  Last time it resulted in a broken leg, and this time - with a broken leg - it was WAY too much to handle.  By the time Scentsy party time rolled around, I was done!  I had been on my feet all day, my 'good' foot hurt (note to self - get new shoes) and my 'bad' foot - and entire leg - was super swollen.  I managed to get a shower in, but didn't even put on a hint of makeup, I just didn't care anymore!  

The Scentsy part of the night was fun, thanks to all of you who came and also sorry for not being more exciting.  Maybe some of it had to do with the fact that I kept getting people canceling on me all day, so it wasn't turning out to be what I had anticipated (I hate that I had certain expectations and was mildly upset about it not being the way I wanted - how selfish of me).  Afterward I was hoping that everyone would want to hang out and have a few drinks and then the guys could come over, the kids could be here, we could hang out and us girls could go somewhere and have a drink or two (I was looking forward to getting out somewhere).  Needless to say, I was not feeling up to leaving at all (as evidenced by no makeup, my jeans, tennis shoes and t-shirt).  The 'party girl' deep inside of me really wanted to just do it, but luckily the 'smart girl' in me punched 'party girl' in the face (or kicked her in her broken ankle) and told her to keep her ass home!  Though I am a little sad because the girls who did go out went somewhere I've never been and I know I would have had a great time, 'smart girl' doesn't always win, and she can have this one - gladly.  

So, here's what DID happen (and I don't have pictures because my camera battery was dead).  Travis, Hunter, Kerri (Matt's roommate), Becky and Brooklyn Lanningham and I hung out here and had an enjoyable time.  Becky and Brooklyn went to pick up the rest of their crew (as well as their neighbor and his son) from the Roadster Show.  In the meantime Matt and his friend Jennifer came over for a bit, then the Lanninghams decided they'd come back before heading home.  Shortly after Matt, Jennifer and Kerri left for the evening.  The kids all played until midnight when the Lanninghams went home.  It was a fun evening involving the kids (like most of our hanging out lately has been - which is great!) and by the time everyone left I was well past tired.  Hunter stayed up with us until 1am!  You may have been wondering about Calvin - luckily he had spent the night with my mom because he couldn't have slept through all that went on with the other 5 kids running around here.  (Side note: Hunter has not spent the night with anyone since Calvin was born - he's tried, but it hasn't worked out.  Anyone have ideas on what to do about that?).  

Sunday was another craft day and guess what?!  There were only 2 of us - again.  I keep telling myself this great idea we had will take off someday and we'll have 8 or more ladies who come routinely and we'll have the best crafting time ever at least twice a month.  All in good time, I'm sure.  This time we made our own laundry soap and it was so cool!  Annie got all of the ingredients (I'll do so next batch) and they say this recipe, which makes 5 gallons (!), costs around $2.50 to make.  It was SUPER easy and though I haven't tried it yet I am sure it works well.  I'll let you know when I use it for the first time!

Grated soap (not cheese) melting in water
Hunter doing the mixing for us
Annie pouring the soap into containers
The assortment of containers we had
And, what was still left in the bucket

We took the opportunity to work on our own projects a little.  
I only got like a row and a half done
(but not because my yarn wouldn't cooperate - 
because I didn't have much motivation)
Annie got one pair of jeans cut into circles

The soap making was productive, but that's about all I can say.  I'm going to start planning our next craft day so if you're interested let me know.  It's going to be a 'featured project day' so if you have any good ideas for a project most would enjoy working on (all skill levels will be there) let me know.  

I know for certain I won't have my knitting project done in time (next weekend), but I'm still going to work on it AND finish it.  In the meantime, I have materials for the replacement project and will post about that tomorrow!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Check out the post on this blog!

I love it!

Today I have to finish cleaning my house for my girls night tomorrow.  I have A TON to do to get the house in shape for company - wish me luck!  No - I will NOT be mopping, I'll ask that the hubby do that tonight.  

I'm so excited about tomorrow.  It all starts with a Scentsy party - I am so addicted to this stuff!  Afterward the girls are hanging out and having fun.  I hope to get some fun pictures and post them.  We are all looking forward to this a lot.  On Sunday, we're going to try and do a craft day complete with making your own laundry detergent and my goal is to work more on my blanket.  I have come to terms with the fact that I won't be finishing the blanket on time...but I still need to work hard on it.

Come back later for pictures of the weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in the 'Saddle'

This morning was my second day of physical therapy.  Of course today is Travis' day off, but my appointment was at 9:30 and I didn't want to have to get the kids put together and haul them over there and back to pick me up.  So, I did it, I decided to drive myself!  

I asked my doctor at my last visit if I could drive and he said yes, just to wear a regular shoe and not the boot (liability issues if it got stuck or whatever) but then to take the boot for when I got to my destination.  So, I loosened up (a lot) my right shoe (after Travis located it - only my left shoes are out right now) and slipped it on.  It felt so very weird!  I decided not to even take my boot because I'd be taking it off for PT anyway.  

I went out and started the car, it took for-ev-er to defrost and I'm not used to that anymore.  I have not driven since 12-24-08, that's 75 days!  My first step was to drive around the neighborhood to make sure I'd be okay.  I wasn't concerned with being able to push on the pedals because I have been bearing full weight for awhile now, but I was more worried about the position of foot because I cannot flex/extend it very much at all.  I felt free, and pain-free, so I called Travis and said I'd be fine to drive myself there (he was on stand-by just in case I had any issues he would have gladly taken me).  

PT went great, I did some new stretches/exercises and didn't endure much pain at all.  I was a little tired after warming up for 10 minutes on the bike, it's so amazing how quickly you lose strength and endurance when you haven't been able to do much physically.  My favorite part so far has been the compression ice machine (also used on my first visit - and I hope all of the future sessions).  I've put many of these on patients after surgery, but I NEVER knew how amazing they are.  They are cuffs for various joints that inflate like a blood pressure cuff would, but with COLD water.  While I had this on for around 10-15 minutes, the foot of the table was elevated so my leg was up.  Afterward, my leg looked like normal size - it doesn't last too long though.  Apparently I still should be icing it if it's below my heart for 'any length of time' - hello!  Can you say ALL DAY?!  I stopped icing it when it didn't hurt, but I should have known better.

When I called Travis after I was done around 10:45 he said the boys had just woken up about 1/2 hour prior.  WOW - of course they'd sleep in on a day I have to be up and out of the house fairly early.  I don't know if the daylight savings thing screwed them up or what because they didn't go to be incredibly late or anything.  I don't see why, because wouldn't it have had the opposite effect since we sprang forward?  Anyway, when I got home Calvin stayed awake for awhile, but he's pretty used to taking a nap no too long after waking up.  I think he fell asleep around noon and at about 3 Travis and I started talking about how he had eaten around 10 and not since then!  The boy must be growing I guess because he NEVER takes a 3 hour nap.  Luckily it didn't effect him much this evening, he was asleep at normal time so that's good, I was worried.

I don't have any new pictures to post - there are some on the camera, but haven't transferred them yet.  So, I'll post some soon, including what I have done of my blanket.  It likely won't be done on time, but I'm not too upset about it since it's my first project and I had NO idea what it would take.  

I had great plans of getting my house all clean for next Saturday's Scentsy party/ladies night over this weekend, but I didn't get much done at all.  I don't want to (can't) have it all to do on Saturday, so I HAVE to do it over the week any chance I get.  

It's weird to post without a picture, so in case you have forgotten, or have just 'tuned in' here's my post-op X-ray: