Sunday, June 26, 2011

May Block for Let's Bee Together

Before I left for Florida I managed to finish my May block for Mollie in Let's Bee Together (after I found it, because it had gone MIA during the move...along with SOOO many other items - has anyone seen my cat?).  I had hoped to get it into the mail before heading out but that didn't work out so I just sent it last week and she should have it by now.  

I was a bit nervous because I had to stretch a pretty small amount of fabric a long way and I didn't want to be doing any cutting and wasting, especially since I didn't have any of the fabrics in my stash, or any time to get more from Mollie.  I stuck with this simple stacked rectangle look (does this type of block have a name?  I'm sure it does).  You can see where I had to add an extra strip of white (which I'm sure isn't the same 'white' as I was provided with) on the edge.  I added it there because I figured she could choose to take it out pretty easily that way.

I'm working on a hand applique block right now for my local quilt group and I actually love it!  I wasn't so sure on the day we had our lesson from The Applique Addict but now that I can sit on the couch and do it at my leisure it's fun.  The block is of a pair of flip flops, I have the actual shoe part done but just need to add a small flower decal to them and then I'll have some pictures to share.

Annnnd...since June is almost over (when and how did that happen?) I need to also finish start the block for Let's Bee Together for Carolyn and hopefully the Canada Post is no longer on strike so her blocks get to her!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flurry Giveaway Winner

I'm home from a lovely Florida vacation and I have chosen a winner for the 2 charm packs of Flurry that I was giving away before I left.  As you may recall, I had won a giveaway and so I was paying it forward by hosting my own giveaway!

True Random Number Generator picked good ol' number 6:

The number 6 comment is from a new follower, Sallie.  I have emailed you, Sallie, so check your email!

Thanks to all who entered and be sure to check back as I'll have a couple more giveaways in the near future!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Look Who's Back

Hey...did you miss me?!  

My last post was on Mother's Day and I mentioned we were spending the day moving.  I kind of think we went about things all wrong because we spent all month moving!  We had to be out of our house by the end of May and now that we're finally out, we can start getting things more settled in at the new place (maybe soon I won't have to lie on my belly to type on my computer that's on the floor!)  

Thanks for waiting for my return, I'm glad you're still here because I have a surprise for you!  I guess all of my traveling for the Shop Hop paid off because I got a message a couple of weeks ago from one of my local quilt shops that I had won a prize!  While it wasn't the coveted $50 gift card to each shop (the grand prize), I was happy to have won anything at all!  Here's my loot:
Twelve Days of Christmas Appliqued Quilt pattern, Christmas note pad, miscellaneous Christmas charm squares,  length not yet determined cut of "minky" fabric, baby quilt pattern and some kind of ribbon
 I haven't decided what all I really want to keep and use so maybe you'll be seeing some in a giveaway soon, but in the meantime, while I was picking up my prize, I decided to get a prize for one of you as well - paying it forward in a giveaway prize type of way!  I'm a complete sucker for a lot of the wonderful holiday fabrics out there and these are some I really love, but have yet to even use for myself.

These 2 charm packs of Flurry can be yours, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what type or color or line of fabric you're a sucker for.  If you want an extra entry, leave a comment if you're a follower (become one if you are not yet following).  If you so desire to have a 3rd entry, feel free to blog about my giveaway and leave the link to your post in the comment.

I'm going to give you a little bit (or a lot) of time to enter this giveaway.  I'm going on a little vacay and I'll choose the winner on June 15th, so get your entries in before then!

No-reply bloggers must be sure to include your email in your comment or your entry will not be considered - thank you!

I've won 2 other giveaways recently as well so I'm thinking I'll be having 2 more giveaways of my own stick around!