Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I actually did it!

I made something from my 'Things I Like" column on the right!  Today, on the way home from work I went to get the supplies I need to make some of these wreaths.  I had to buy all of my fabric because I just didn't have any remnants lying around that would work for the red, white and blue theme.  I bought 8 different fabrics in 1/2 yard lengths and also found 3 remnants in the bin that would work so I got those as well.  While the lady was cutting one of the fabrics she said 'looks like we're going to have a remnant here so I'll give that to you at half price' and she ended up charging me full price for only THREE inches of the fabric, and gave me the rest (a full yard I believe) at 1/2 of the sale (50% off) price!  All of the 4th of July print fabric was 50% off so that was great.  I also got 3 embroidery hoops (size: 12") because I do plan to make more than one wreath.

Imagine my excitement when I came home to not one but TWO sleeping boys!  
That almost never happens so I got right to work while time was in my favor!

2:57 - my supplies, laid out and ready for me to start
Because most of my fabrics were in 18" lengths (1/2 yard) I just used that as the length of my strips and cut them all 2" wide.  I actually measured, but I think that a wreath made less precisely would be just as, if not more, fabulous!  

I had 10 different fabrics.  I used 8 strips of each fabric, plus used one fabric twice around my wreath.  I'm a tad on the 'anal' side and so I did a pattern on the wreath so I wouldn't have to think too much and worry about getting too much red on one side.  So, my pattern repeated 8 times and each section had 11 strips (i.e. I used 88 two-inch strips) if that helps you to figure out how much fabric you'll need.  I have quite a bit of fabric left over to make another wreath or 2 but it's always better to have too much than not enough, right? 

3:48 - Calvin wakes up to 'help'

4:22 - my project is complete
I'm not sure if I'd rather have shorter length strips so the wreath is a bit more poofy or if I like them as is.  What do you think?  Maybe I'll try my next one a little shorter.

I do have a feeling I'll make a wreath for each holiday - how fun!
Thanks to PamperingBeki for the idea!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A New Addition to Our Family

We have another new addition to our family:
You may recall that Travis was given the opportunity to go on a guided antelope hunt just days after Calvin was born, and well, being the wonderful wife I am, I let him go.  So, eight months later, the antelope was ready to be picked up from the taxidermist.  That was a fun trip to pick it up - they have an amazing showroom and we got to go back in the work area where the owner was spray painting a hippo and there were many other fabulous works in progress.  Now, I'm not like a huge fan or expert of taxidermy - it's great and all, but I can't really tell you the difference between the good and the bad but I'd say they did nice work.  "Opie," as I'm trying to get Calvin to call him since he makes the same noise towards it as he does for 'dog,' hangs in such a place that you can see him from every room in the downstairs of our house.  He can even be seen while sitting on the toilet from the upstairs bathroom (if you have the door open and lean over kind of far).  Now that's hard core!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Babies Are Here!

Last fall we had a friendly lady praying mantis hanging around our front window by the front door.  One day I saw this very disgusting glob of white stuff on the window frame and I guessed it was a praying mantis egg sack - I googled it and confirmed my suspicions.  Days later the praying mantis was lying on the ground dead under the window.  
This is not our praying mantis or her egg sack but I thought I'd get you a decent picture since I don't have one.  I read this on wikipedia about the praying mantis: "The female then lays between 10 and 400 eggs, depending on the species.  Eggs are typically deposited in a frothy mass that is produced by glands in the abdomen.  This froth then hardens, creating a protective capsule with a further protective coat, and the egg mass is called an ootheca."  So, I also found out these 10 to 400 (!) eggs would hatch in spring.  I've been waiting and waiting with no results and thought maybe something had happened to them.  Recently I noticed there was a sort of web around the egg sack and there were lots of little bugs caught in the web.  I just assumed they were gnats or something and didn't even think of looking closer.  Upon closer examination I discovered they were actually little baby praying mantises (manti ?).  There were probably 30 or so caught in the web:
There were others all around the window and ground as well, so hopefully (?) some of them will make it!  I'm not sure if their life cycle is only one season, but I would imagine (let's google that on our own - shall we?).  I'll keep you posted if I notice any big guys around this summer. 

It sort of reminds me of Charlotte's Web when her babies hatch and never get to know their mama.  Perhaps I should go out and tell the babies all about their mama and give them obnoxious names - better yet, the cat can do it through the window where he sits. 

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have been looking for an inexpensive (okay - I mean CHEAP) bookshelf to put in my severely under-furnished front room.  One day while picking up a few things at Wal-Mart I found a 3 shelf bookcase for only $19 - score!  Of course assembly was required, but that's not a problem, this lady knows her way around the workbench.  I think because this one was so cheap, it required extra assembly and of course there was not the correct number of hardware, but luckily they put in more than I needed.  

Hunter took some pictures while I was working, I think he has an artistic eye:

I didn't find all of my books right away to put on the shelf - but I got the important ones on there immediately!
I still need Twilight and New Moon to complete the series.  I also still need more furniture for the front room, so let me know if you just want to give me a couch or something!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Remember I loved THIS etsy shop and personalized family tree art?  I decided to copycat the project and this is my result.  I made mine bigger (10x13) and used burlap for the tree also (not sure if that's what the other person used or not, but I liked the look).  I also just wrote our last name directly on the burlap rather than on other fabric.  

It has already been pointed out that I have a lot of leaves, but that does not indicate how many kids I want to add to the family - just needed a full tree, ya know?

Graduation, Part 2

I had given Hunter the choice to stay home with Dad and Calvin, or to come with me on a long car ride.  He chose to come with me, but I guess I forgot to mention the part of sitting through a really long and boring graduation ceremony because not 10 minutes into it Hunter was crying and wanting to go to Grammy's house (where Calvin was spending the night).  My dad had to take Hunter for a walk, then Hunter was taking pictures to help pass the time.  He ended up doing great - better than you can expect from a lot of 3 year olds!
Hunter sitting on Nana's lap, nearly sleeping

After the ceremony we met Adam outside and headed to another building for a small reception and then we did some family pictures.  We walked all over the place which was great for Hunter to release some energy.

Adam, Dad and Clela

He's smarter than he looks - ha ha

Hunter with Uncle Burbs

Adam, Mom and Gary

Me, Burbs and Gidge

He didn't sleep the whole way up - the way home was a different story

Hunter and Mackenzie sharing the iPod

Congratulations to my brother - we're so proud of you and know you'll accomplish wonderful things!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam's Graduation, Part 1

Friday, May 15th Hunter and I packed up in my mom's car with her, Gary and Mackenzie and spent a good portion of the day driving to Clarkston, WA where we stayed in a motel the night before my brother Adam's graduation.  It was at dinner that night, after driving around Clarkston and Lewiston, ID looking for the perfect place for dinner, that the significance of Clarkston and Lewiston occurred to me.  I'm pretty sure it must have looked like a light went off because everyone turned to me wondering what was going on.  Of course my mom and Gary thought I was slow...but I can always count on my sister to be right there with me (no offense, sis) - she hadn't gotten it yet, either.  Do you get it?  If I put it in the order Lewiston and Clarkston, does that help?  No?  Okay LEWISton AND CLARKston - does that clear things up?

Hunter took this picture of Mackenzie taking his picture

Hunter trying out the nice motel bed!

Hunter took this not so fabulous picture of me

I took this one of Mackenzie who was doing a photo shoot of some sort of Hunter.

Hunter sound asleep in the morning.  He always ends up with the most bed when sharing with 2 adults - how does that happen?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mother's Day

Please forgive me as I try to play catch up with my posts!  I know it's maybe weird that I'd go back (and so far), but just in case any family or friends want to see pictures from certain times I am going back...and you can't stop me!  ha ha

Mother's Day this year was like many other holidays in our family.  We debated who to spend the time with (it's always hard worrying about who may or may not get offended if we don't spend time with them).   

Before leaving the house, I decided to give Calvin his first haircut.  It was getting long and nearly hanging in his eyes.  I didn't really do the best of jobs cutting it, it ended up a little 'square' but oh well.
He made this face with each cut
Showing (with his eyes?) brother his new 'do

First we stopped by my mom's house to deliver her flower and card then we ended up going to Travis' brother's (Matt) house for dinner since their Grandma Helen was in town for the week.  Matt did all of the cooking and it was great.  After leaving there we stopped by my Grandma and Grandpa Broadie's house to deliver her flower and card (and also one for Clela since she and my dad were there) and also it was my Grandpa's Birthday that day so we had a card for him as well.  

My boys and I - 
it's hard to get a good picture of both of them, 
so here's a good one of each of them:
Hunter's buddy Hudson and Hudson's dad Nate came to Matt's while we were there.  Hunter and Hudson had a great time playing, despite the fact they hadn't seen each other in a long time.  This picture of Hunter cracks me up, and Hudson wore his shades the WHOLE time he was there.
It may have been Grandpa Wes' Birthday, but Hunter is the one who got spoiled.  In case you can't tell, he has a package of candy in each pocket, plus the one in his hand.