Friday, April 23, 2010

Oddball Blankets

Here are some pictures of some of the West Coast Oddball Baby Blankets I've contributed to recently (my sections are the top in each blanket). You can go to the blog link above to see pictures of these adorable blankets as they progress. The blankets are donated to various hospitals in the region for children who may not otherwise get such a great blanket. Some of them are for premies so they are smaller in size.

(Pinkalicious baby blanket that I finished - there are 6 sections per blanket and I did the last section, they then get a nice border added by another person)

(Banana Split is a premie blanket that I started. There haven't been anymore pictures of it posted, but I'm excited to see what it looks like now!)

(Olympic Rings is being done in all the colors of the olympic rings...makes sense, right? :) I had to redo the yellow section for another knitter and was assigned the black section, so I did that as well.)

(Easter Egg was fun! The first knitter, who used the variegated yarn, sent it along with the blanket so in my section I used a yellow that I had, the variegated and a green that I had. I figured it could use more stripes and colors because of its name.)

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Emily said...

Love it! What a fun idea!