Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quilt Group Gathering

In September, our quilt group member who was suppose to host wasn't able to do so and nobody was ready to move up on such short notice so we had the gathering at my house and worked on some baby quilt tops for Project Linus. Everyone was asked to bring some boyish fabric and some girlish fabric cut into sizes indicated in this tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew. Some people used scraps and some bought new fabric so in the end we had a huge assortment of fabrics. This is what our group has decided to do next year since we've all had our turns and we weren't really wanting to do another round for ourselves quite yet. We'll meet once a month (as we do now) and work on tops, once we have a bunch of tops done we'll have a day set aside to get them all tied. Here are some pictures of our day (which started at 10am and the last to leave my house was near 5pm):


Sara said...

Too fun!!!! I want a quilting day! I have to make it happen with some ladies here soon before I leave and move away to NC at the end of Feb!

Annie said...

cute! I love the pattern!

Wendy said...

I came to your blog through a link from "Let's Bee Together" and enjoyed reading through your posts. I wish I had a local group to do some projects with. Just wondering how your group was formed, etc. Looks like fun!