Sunday, June 26, 2011

May Block for Let's Bee Together

Before I left for Florida I managed to finish my May block for Mollie in Let's Bee Together (after I found it, because it had gone MIA during the move...along with SOOO many other items - has anyone seen my cat?).  I had hoped to get it into the mail before heading out but that didn't work out so I just sent it last week and she should have it by now.  

I was a bit nervous because I had to stretch a pretty small amount of fabric a long way and I didn't want to be doing any cutting and wasting, especially since I didn't have any of the fabrics in my stash, or any time to get more from Mollie.  I stuck with this simple stacked rectangle look (does this type of block have a name?  I'm sure it does).  You can see where I had to add an extra strip of white (which I'm sure isn't the same 'white' as I was provided with) on the edge.  I added it there because I figured she could choose to take it out pretty easily that way.

I'm working on a hand applique block right now for my local quilt group and I actually love it!  I wasn't so sure on the day we had our lesson from The Applique Addict but now that I can sit on the couch and do it at my leisure it's fun.  The block is of a pair of flip flops, I have the actual shoe part done but just need to add a small flower decal to them and then I'll have some pictures to share.

Annnnd...since June is almost over (when and how did that happen?) I need to also finish start the block for Let's Bee Together for Carolyn and hopefully the Canada Post is no longer on strike so her blocks get to her!

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Sara said...

Love your block for Molly,don't what it is called,but it is very pretty:)

I guess they were supposed to be going off strike in Canada on Thurs. perhaps. It is frustrating though. I am waiting on my FWQ book to come from there from someone:/