Monday, September 26, 2011

Things I've Been Working On

This one started as a Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice Quilt, but after I made the nine-patch blocks I discovered it was a baby quilt and I didn't have enough to make, enter a little improvisation (mess?).  This is an early picture, there will be the thin yellow border around all of that center grid and the outside border of the larger squares may still change several times as I go.  Back when I did the Treasure Shop Hop I decided to get 1 fat quarter from each shop, these are the fabrics from that adventure.

Geeze, lady!  Been sewing long?!  These blocks for my local quilt group are supposed to look like that.  Beth got her inspiration from the Waverunner quilt along.  Some of Beth's fabrics are also from fat quarters purchased on the Shop Hop, this was a fun idea we plan to do again next year (buying a fat quarter at each shop, I mean).

Veggie Tales is a blanket for West Coast/Central Oddball Knitters (although, I think our group name has changed several times so I don't really know what to call it anymore).  If you are a knitter and would like to join our group, feel free to leave a comment and I can email you more info, or you can find us on Ravelry, I think we're called Western Regions Oddball Baby Blankets there (see how one could get confused on what to call the group?).

For my local quilt group.  I'm unsure of what the pattern is but Terri will end up trimming those little points to create "square" rows and then place them side by side in zigzag form.

Sara borrowed some of my Crazy Curve templates, used up some of her fabric scraps she had on hand and asked us to make a block that looks like this - I'm not sure what she plans to do with them.

I bought this quilt kit awhile back and pieced together the top.  It also came with the binding fabric and I purchased the backing fabric at the same time.  Last week I bought some batting so one of these days I can get it all together.  The pattern is called Fire Escape.


Nancy said...

I love all of your projects, especially Fire Escape and Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice. The colors of the nine-patch are my favorites. I've never worked with a fabric braid, but yours is tempting me to try it.

So fun to see Veggie Tales grow.

Sara said...

great blocks and quilts Bailey:)