Sunday, May 6, 2012

For Beth

A friend asked me if I would make a quilt for her to use in her engagement pictures and then hang at her wedding.  She picked out a pattern from the few that I have and then chose the fabrics; her wedding will be in October and she's going to be having jewel tones for her colors.  I'm getting ready to head to the store to get some thread for quilting and at some point soon (after I give it to her) I will show you the back because it has something wonderful going on.

For Beth

I always wonder and am asked how long different quilts take me so this time I decided to try and keep track...which has been interesting to see.  I forgot to start with cutting (which also included sewing strips together for those striped sections) and was at 15 hours and 37 minutes piecing the top, deciding on a layout for the top and piecing the back.  It's amazing how quickly it goes by, because I'm pretty sure I would have guessed 5 hours!

Here's to being back on the blog - and trying not to go another 4+ months between posts!


Sara said...

That is a fabulous has an Asian vibe to it! Quilting does fly by because we enjoy it I think:):)

Vesuviusmama said...

welcome back! I hope the reason you haven't been blogging is because you've been so busy QUILTING! I'm not surprised at the number of hours it has taken you - time flies when you are having fun!