Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

This year we celebrated New Year's Eve differently than in years past.  Even before I got 'laid up' with my broken leg I was hoping that we could find something more family oriented to do to celebrate the new year.  We're just not as in to the big party thing so much anymore, mostly because we're not as close friends with the people we used to party with as we use to be (which is, more often than not, okay with me).  On the 30th, Travis' friend Jamie called to see if we'd be up for visitors on New Year's Eve.  So he and Becky came over with their 3 kiddos Payton, McKade and Brooklyn and brought us dinner (we've had several people bring us dinners over the past week, and it's been such a wonderful help - we're thankful to have such great people in our lives).  We had kind of a late dinner and I wasn't sure if they were planning on staying until midnight or not, but by the time we were done eating there wasn't much time left to wait, the kids were playing great together and behaving very well so we did it.  
Calvin waiting for our friends to arrive
Hunter and I waiting for our friends to arrive
Hunter took this picture of Travis starting dinner
Hunter posing for the camera
Payton posing for the camera
Hunter and Payton being mad deer
All of the kids in their PJs
(Hunter, McKade, Brooklyn, Payton and Calvin)
McKade, Hunter and Payton waiting for popcorn
This is how I celebrated
Payton, Hunter and Brooklyn enjoying the popcorn
Calvin at midnight
Hunter at midnight (sparklers left over from 4th of July)

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