Monday, January 5, 2009

Prompt 1

My dear friend Annie and I used to give each other stories, poems or quotes daily (I believe) in High School one year.  It was something that was probably a little silly to do, but I still have the binder full of our daily 'inspiration' pieces so maybe it wasn't that silly.  Anyway, today I got an e-mail from Annie saying that she thinks we should give each other topics to journal about (she's doing hers in an actual handwritten journal, I'm going to do mine here).  You can feel free to write about the given topics too if you'd like.  Here's our first topic:

Name three reasons why you should get out of bed tomorrow....

This one is hard for me because right now I can think of so many more reasons not to get out of bed tomorrow (broken leg, bills piling up like mad, etc).  That's why I thought it would be a good topic to do right now even though some of it will be things I'd do without the broken leg.

1.  I should get out of bed tomorrow because my children need me to.  Hunter is almost 3 years old, he's a very active little boy and what kind of mother would I be if I didn't get out of bed to play with him, to teach him and to love him?

2.  I should get out of bed tomorrow because my husband needs me to.  If I don't get out of bed, that means he'll have so much more to do on his own and he has got enough stress right now between working, taking care of the kids at night, cooking our dinners and keeping the house picked up (things I usually handle while he's working and I'm home but can't right now since my injury).  I should get out of bed to do what I can to help out so that not so much is dependent on him.

3.  I should get out of bed tomorrow because I need for me to.  If I don't get out of bed, I think I would just lie there feeling sorry for myself and probably just cry all day worrying about everything.  If I do get out of bed, I'll get to spend time with my children and my husband which will remind me that all of the other things don't really matter, we'll get through them and everything will end up okay...eventually.

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