Sunday, August 29, 2010

CSN Stores/KidKraft Primary Sling Bookshelf Review

It took me awhile to decide what I was going to get and I went back to the CSN website many times to browse. They have so many great items, it was getting hard to decide because I kept finding something else I wanted/needed!

At one point, though, I went to the site and at the bottom there is a section called "See What Customers Are Buying From Our Stores!" and it must feature 4 products that are top sellers, or on sale, or maybe even just recently purchased. When I saw the KidKraft Sling Bookshelf on there I decided that is what we (my kids) needed. The fact that it was on SALE was even better!

*List price: $66.99 - Sale price: $39.95

*I placed my order on 8/19 and received it on 8/25 - 6 days is great if you ask me!

*Easy to assemble - all screws and wrench were included. The kids were very excited to get it put together.
*Sturdy - right now we have 36 books of various sizes and I think we could safely add a few more.

*Organization - before we had a basket for our books and they rarely made it back in the proper place. So far, and maybe just because it's still new, the books are going right back in the bookshelf.
*Variety - they come in other colors to match your needs (the one we got is Primary, there's also pastels. You can also have them personalized with embroidery.
*I'm glad that CSN Stores had this on sale, there's NO way I'd spend $66.99 on this item.

*This isn't a huge con really, but I was a little worried when I ordered because it didn't say how many books it would hold.

I'm trying to organize a lot of different areas in the house so I may head back to CSN Stores and see if there are any other great deals in the storage and organization area. Tell me, what's your best/favorite organization tip?

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Annie said...

How fun! It looks like the boys love it! Hope they continue to use it! :)