Monday, August 2, 2010

June, July and August Blocks

For June, Becky had us "frame" some of her old race shirts (she's a runner) in some of her favorite fabrics (none of which match). I did 2 blocks, but this is the only one I took a picture of and I love it's 'story.' The shirt is from a trip Becky and Jamie (her husband) took to McCall and she got the fabric because it reminded her of a pair of boxers that were a Valentine's Day gift very early in their relationship. She went and picked out a bunch of fabrics that she liked and then came home and paired them with the shirts.

In July, Emily had us make 2 blocks using 2 different sets of fabrics. I took pictures, but cannot find them so this is one she posted on our group page. I'm not sure if there is an actual name to this block pattern, but I had gotten it from one of the local quilt shops during a "shop hop" where each shop was selling fabric and instructions for a different block, all of which had a Christmas theme.

For August, Beth wanted us to make 2 giant blocks out of some really great fabrics. She is going to cut them all in fourths and assemble them all in different order as seen on Film in the Fridge.

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Annie said...

fun! I love Beths' blocks, I might have to steal that one!