Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lost but Found

I had lost my camera for awhile and hadn't uploaded pictures to the computer...I found the camera yesterday, so here's a lot of info for you:

Sunday Nov 30th I wrote about getting some pictures of the boys with their Great Grandma Helen who was in town for Thanksgiving.  It was a little chaotic when we were visiting, so we didn't get the sort of pictures I wanted (her with both boys) but here's a couple of what we did get:
Calvin and Papa Dana         

Calvin and Great Grandma Helen

December 5th was my dad's 50th birthday (Happy Birthday, old man - ha ha).  We planned sort of a last minute, small surprise party for him.  It was quite an event - my sister and I took the boys out to my dad's house for dinner and Clela was suppose to call and have us meet her in town for dinner because she had to 'work late.'  She didn't call soon enough so my dad called to order a pizza - Mackenzie and I weren't really sure how to stop him so she secretly had to call Clela to tell her and they cancelled the pizza the she called and had to beg my dad for us to come meet her for dinner.  I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures for that either (my hands were full with trying to keep Calvin from being too grumpy in the restaurant).
Calvin and Papa Rick

Saturday, Dec 6th I took Hunter to the winter parade in Meridian.  It was a lot of fun, he got a ton of candy, pencils, keychains and even a stuffed animal (I believe it was church group that was handing out small stuffed animals to all of the kids).  It really warms my heart to see him enjoy things as simple as a parade.  He was waving at all of the people, making his car motor noises when the cool cars drove by, and making siren noises at the fire trucks and ambulances. 

Hunter waiting for the parade to start
There was a camel in the parade
Hunter with his new monkey from the parade
Hunter in his new hat

Waving at the parade people

 Santa and Mrs. Clause in the fire truck (a big hit)

Calvin stayed with Nana - he was tired

December 7th, my boys and I taking our own picture

Calvin got a new 'snowsuit' from his great uncles Doug and Tony in Florida...they must have thought it was going to be cold here in Idaho or something.  


Annie said...

Very cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having too much fun! I'm jealous!