Thursday, July 16, 2009


So, I totally just screwed up my blog.  I was only intending to change the background, but it removed all the widgets (what a weird word)!  Oh, and all of my pictures are translucent so they have a strange blue tinge to them now, thanks to the color of the background.

Luckily I had recently visited ALL of my links under the 'Things I'd Like To Try" category so I was able to rebuild that.  I have to do the same with my friends and family list and the blogs I visit section.  

Am I being lame here, or is it  How frustrating.  Since it's nearly midnight, I'm going to work on fixing the rest tomorrow.   

Here's a picture of me and the (small) boys from our camping trip this past weekend.  We went to Deadwood for 5 days and it was fantastic.  I'll post more pictures at a later date because I know you're dying to see more.

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