Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures from Camping

Here are some more of my favorite pictures from camping at Deadwood last weekend.  

We went with a large group - 19 including our family of 4.  
Cast of Characters:
Grammy Karen and Papa Larry (Travis' mom and step-dad)
Ashleigh, Matt and Tanner (Travis' step-sister, her boyfriend and his son)
Luke, Maria and Dan (aka Chuck) (Travis' step-brother, his girlfriend and their friend)
Jamie, Becky, Payton and McKade (Lanninghams - Brooklyn stayed home with grandparents)
Annie, Stephen and Sophia (Lee - Sophia is Hunter's girlfriends...well one of them anyway)

We didn't get to the campground until around midnight.  Calvin and Hunter hung out by the fire while we got things set up - these pictures were taken at 2 a.m. when they were going to bed:

There were A LOT of mosquitoes so we applied layer after layer of bug spray.  Hunter only wore this hat of Grammy's long enough for me to get a picture:

In addition to the mosquitoes, it was also REALLY dirty:
McKade and Hunter

Payton and McKade brought their BB guns so we all took turns practicing our skills:
Payton showing all the guys how it's done
(Jamie, Travis, Dan, Luke, Larry, McKade, Hunter and Payton)
Hunter and Travis
Sophia and Stephen
Hunter and McKade

Though I didn't get a chance to ride the 4-wheelers at all, everyone else went on a ride or 2, and the 4-wheelers actually got the most action just sitting there while the kids climbed on them and used their imaginations:
Tanner, McKade, Payton and Hunter
Jamie, Calvin, Payton and McKade
(Calvin's first 4-wheeler ride)
Tanner and Hunter
Hunter, McKade and Payton
Travis and Hunter

The last day we were there it rained off and on.  We had to build a rain shelter - good thing the Lee's brought their shade canopy thing and Stephen put tarps on 2 of the sides so we could stay somewhat dry:
Me and my little boys
Calvin and I
Sophia and Annie
Sophia and Hunter (who is bending down - he's not that short!)
Hunter in the rain

Some miscellaneous pictures:
Hunter and Grammy
Calvin and Grammy

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