Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shop 'till You Drop

I was fortunate enough to be given the day off today!!  After dropping Travis off at my mom's house (where he has to park his work truck since our neighborhood is lame and we were told we couldn't park it in our driveway overnight) the little boys and I went shopping!  It was only for groceries so it wasn't that thrilling but I do have to say it was better than most grocery shopping trips and here's why I'd say that:

1.  The time of day - shopping early in the day is the way to go!
2.  The other customers - because of the time of day you get a completely different crowd!
3.  No hurry - we weren't in a hurry to get anywhere so we could take our time!

I guess when you go in the evening, most people (including myself) are getting done working, are cranky from that and in a hurry to get home and that always makes for a bad shopping trip.  In the morning, you generally get the older crowd and, let's just face it, their pace and attitudes are usually a whole lot nicer.  They're friendly - stopping to chat with the kids, (mostly) happy and don't give you attitude when your kid is blocking the aisle.  

Here's to grocery shopping in the morning!

I bought pork carnitas today for the first time ever.  I've had pork carnitas burritos, but I think that's it.  Now I need to go find a recipe to use them in!  Anyone have any good ideas - please share!!

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