Saturday, August 22, 2009

Merry Christmas! What?!

I borrowed this idea to make this year's Christmas cards.  I may have mentioned before that I intend for this years' Christmas to be a homemade one.  I haven't had good luck at getting motivated to start making the gifts, so I started with the cards in hopes to get me in the spirit of things!  So far it's working, I'm ready (mentally, but don't have all of my supplies) to start another big, fun project!

1.  When I helped my friend Annie at her yard sale on August 9th, I took my supplies to start making my cards.  With the help of Hunter, Sophia and Annie, we glued tissue paper on a sheet of foil using watered down glue:
(it looks like the foil is showing through in several places, but really that's just light colored tissue paper - the flash kind of washed it out or something)

2.  For awhile, the beautiful sheet of foil just sat on my kitchen table.  Then this past Monday, the stars aligned (Travis and Hunter went shooting and Calvin was napping) and I was able to cut the foil into triangles:
(a few of my triangles laid out)

3.  Today, at Annie's house for "Craft Day" I glued the triangles to cards.  The cards were quarter fold card stock sheets that Annie actually had and didn't need (thanks, Annie!) and I cut them in half so they're just single fold:

4.  I bought a pack of star stickers to put on top of the tree, and I just drew the trunk with brown marker:

The pack of cardstock had 30 sheets so I ended up with 60 cards (remember I cut them each in half).  Amazingly, the amount of trees that I got out of my foil sheet (which I didn't measure, just did a section that looked good at the time) was also 60!!!  How's that for a miracle?  Anyway, I had to throw away 4 cards, because they got stuck together and all tore up so I have 56 Christmas cards and the only thing I had to buy was the star stickers (because the tissue paper was used - of course - I had the foil, brown marker and glue and Annie gave me the paper.  I bought envelopes today (hope they fit right) and I also bought a stamp and ink for the inside message because stamps are just something I haven't gotten into (yet).  If you already have those, then this would be a very inexpensive (and quick - especially if you don't drag it out over a month's time like I did) type of card to make!  

Happy Crafting!

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Chrissie Grace said...

Those are really cute.
I am hoping for a home-made Christmas this year too.
I am making my list now!:)
Chrissie Grace