Friday, September 25, 2009

And We're Back in Business!

I can't make these pictures any bigger (or maybe I can...I just don't know how).   Maybe because they were taken on my phone, then uploaded on facebook, then copied to my desktop from there and uploaded to blogger.  

Here are all of my quilt squares cut out and ready to be pieced together.  Don't you just love the fabrics?  It's going to be hard to give this away, especially being my first quilt and all. 
After I did that, I just had to get the layout done.  So here are the squares pinned to a sheet hanging in front of my windows.  
I have all of the rows sewn together and 3 of them are all sewn together (does that make sense?).  So pretty much I just have to sew the other 3 rows on and my quilt top is complete!!  I'll take pictures after that.  I've kind of lost momentum on it this week, just have been overly tired or something.  I hope to have it all done tonight though so I can start working on a couple of other special projects over the weekend!


Annie said...

The quilt is looking good! I wish i was the recipient of such a beautiful quilt!

Emily said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'm glad you enjoy making it! You're doing an awesome job!