Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you ever just want to cry?

So, I started my quilt last week!  I was so excited to have all of the fabrics and to get the strips cut in one evening when the stars aligned just right for me again!  
I even completed 6 squares and was so excited to get a little time to work on it again last night.  Until this happened:

Okay, so that didn't just happen.  I was sewing strips 1 and 2 together and noticed an annoying whining sound.  Started sewing strips 2 and 3 together and the noise got worse.  I tried to lower the feed dogs and clean out a little dust/lint and then the feed dogs wouldn't go back up!!  Something happened with the switch, so we (hubby and I) took it apart to see if we could see how it was suppose to work and make it right.  We thought we got it - actually, we did fix that part (even if just temporary - until I move the switch again to lower feed dogs).  So I get the machine back together, threaded, plugged in and ready to go - excitement building again!  Can you feel it?!  I press on the pedal and BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!!!! (the machine noise, not curse words).  I get error message E1 - which has to do with trying to use machine while presser foot is up.  So I check the presser foot, hoping and praying that it's up.  It's down.  What?  I try again...and again...and again.  As if raising and lowering it multiple times will fix whatever it is that's not working now.  By this time it was nearing 11pm and it's been a draining week so I was ready to just give up and go to bed.  I'll work on it another day.  

It has been a rough week:

Monday was good - I had the day off and it was the day I started my quilt.  

The ever-present financial worry showed it's evil face on Tuesday and then I get to work to hear one of my sweet former co-workers is not getting married on the 18th as planned and I just felt so bad for him that I started tearing up.  

I've had to start taking the boys to Becky's daycare since my mother-in-law had surgery last week so they went out there yesterday.  While I love that they're going there and they had a great time, it was exhausting to do all the driving (nearly 70 miles in a day!!?) but the price is well worth the drive.  So add that exhaustion to my frustration with my sewing machine and you can just imagine how I'm feeling.  

This part I hate to admit, but FarmTown on Facebook (skip this section now if you have no idea what I'm talking about, or feel the need to judge me) has been ruling my life more than it should lately.  I've been getting so close to the final level needed to buy a mansion.  Last night I was close and I knew I'd be there today.  I hired help to get everything harvested and plowed and I had enough points and coins to get the mansion so I made room for it, bought it and placed it.  It was a thing of beauty - ha!  And then it happened - I mistakenly deleted it!!  Many, many hours gone to waste because now I have nothing to show for it, there is no way to get it back.  I removed FarmTown from my applications - it no longer has a place in my life!

It was the silly game that pushed me over the edge and I teared up again and nearly lost it.  

Travis is asking if I'm seriously crying over FarmTown.  

No!  I'm crying because nothing is going right this week!  I feel like I sometimes work so hard at things and have nothing to show for it, just like my stupid farm and my quilt strips that are just lying there next to my dead sewing machine.  

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