Friday, February 18, 2011

Google Reader Feature Randomness

I love this new to me feature on Google Reader - add a button to your bookmark bar that allows you to go from blog to blog viewing the new posts in your reader. I'm not good at explaining it so you can find out how to do it in this post at Cluck Cluck Sew (love this blog). This makes it so quick and easy to read the posts - loving it so far!!

On another, completely unrelated note, this young man lost tooth #2 today - haven't taken a picture yet...we're all a bit under the weather today. We were actually on the way home from a doctor visit when he said ever so calmly "hey mom, my tooth came out." He's now on a course of antibiotics for a low grade atypical pneumonia...hopefully that will be all he needs to get rid of the nasty cough he's had for over a month now.

My triceps hurt today, but it's a good hurt (can you say oxymoron?). I guess doing skull crushers with a 50lb kettlebell will do that to you. Just have to say that I love kettlebells and the variation of workouts that I get in my classes!

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