Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frayed Edge Quilt

I had some fabric left over from curtains I made for Hunter quite some time ago (the bright blue train print) so I thought I'd use it up and make him a frayed edge quilt (found this tutorial for making them).  This was my first frayed edge quilt, it was really easy and for the most part went pretty quickly.  

Some quilts I've seen didn't have the stitching within the square, and while doing the stitching gave it a little extra something (and allowed me to test out the different stitches my sewing machine does), it did probably double the time spent on the quilt.  I should have kept track of how long I spent, it seems like it wasn't that bad.  The worst was just cutting out the squares, and then cutting the edges wasn't all that great either, but not as bad as I was anticipating.  

I made this blanket big (twin bed size) by using 8 inch squares, 6 across and 12 down sewing 1/2 inch seams.  I don't know for sure how it would look (size-wise) on a bed because I haven't been upstairs yet to test it out (broken leg thing again).  Hopefully Hunter will enjoy it for awhile!

Travis was reading my blog yesterday and complaining that he didn't appear very much.  He was holding the blanket for pictures, I told him now was his chance so he peeked his head out for this picture.

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