Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Good morning, Hunter!
How old are you today?
Do you want to open your present from us?

Show us what you got!
Playing Elefun, the trunk inflates and blows out butterflies to catch in your net.

Hunter's Birthday dinner request was Panda Express (he loves the Mandarin Chicken).  He was pouting because we told him he didn't really need a Sprite to drink.
Nana and Gidge came over to bring Hunter a little Birthday present, Calvin loved watching Hunter open and enjoy presents (but he loves to watch him do anything - Hunter is his favorite).
The cake with frosting and sprinkles (by Hunter).

How our cake looked once baked...after Hunter dug into his piece already.


Annie said...

Did he like the game?

Bailey said...

He loves it! It's so fun to watch him, I can't wait to see a couple of kids play together. Does Sophia swing her net to try and catch them too?