Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Big Boy

FINALLY Hunter started potty training.  Prior to this time of trying, I had just let him wear a diaper and to tell me if he needed to go potty.  He never did that.  This time I just decided to put underwear on him and deal with however much laundry it would create.  The first day we had a few accidents, but then I'd have him go sit on the potty to finish.  At one point that day he was sitting on the potty and trying to go, he refused to have his 'pee guard' thing on the potty and he didn't quite get how to aim it down so it just shot out on to the carpet.  I had to laugh because it looked so funny, and also because I don't want to punish him at all for trying (I'm thrilled he was on the potty when he did it).  While he was peeing on the floor, I told him to grab a bucket that was beside him to catch it in, but he only got a small amount in the bucket.  The rest of that day (day 1) he sat on the potty and put the bucket between his legs: 

Notice the bucket between his legs?

By day 2 Hunter had just small accidents just as he was pulling his underwear down.  He really caught on quick.  Also on this day he learned how to bend over forward to aim the pee into the potty.  Bye bye, bucket!

On day 3 Hunter didn't have any accidents at all and decided it was cool to stand up in front of the potty.  He uses the small potty and puts his legs on either side of it and lowers him self down while holding on to the handles.  It's really a funny sight, haven't captured it on camera yet.  

After a few days, Hunter had only peed on the potty but Travis could tell he needed to do more so we made him sit on it and try.  He wasn't very happy about it at all.  These pictures aren't great but you can faintly make out the tear-stained cheeks.

pouty boy on the potty
We were trying to make him laugh
As of today, he has only had small accidents here and there, but often makes it through and entire day with only one pair of underwear.  He pulls his pants and underwear down when he needs to go, and just does it all on his own.

It's been a long time coming, and we're so proud of him!!!

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