Thursday, October 8, 2009


My Batman now has a sidekick. Well, he always the little sidekick is dressed accordingly!

I didn't spend a whole lot of time on the details (hem the arms, etc) because he'll only wear it for a short while and I doubt it will get passed on to anyone else. I found the green turtleneck shirt at Walmart along with a remnant of red fabric and I already had some black and yellow so it was a cheap project (the way I like it). I just made the red part as a separate shirt, sleeveless. It's a bit snug! I've never made clothing before (as you can probably tell) and I was not thinking when I was sewing the red to the black (which is what the back is) so I had to work at it longer than probably necessary. All in all, I probably finished it in about an hour. Then I made a little cape that I just need to add some velcro to along with some to the shirt so it can just velcro on. I did get velcro today so Hunter's cape is complete, and we got him some black he just really wants a belt.

I'll post pictures of the boys in their costumes after Halloween, don't want to ruin the surprise of cuteness for anyone (does that sound a bit conceited? Sorry, hopefully you get what I mean).

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Chrissie Grace said...

Oh, these are awesome!
You did a really great job!!:)