Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Easy Challenge

Some of you may not need to make this type of change, but I do!

I just read a blog post here about how we rarely are in pictures with our own children for whatever reason - mine is usually just because I'm the one who always has the camera but other reasons might be "don't like myself in pictures," weight, no makeup, etc. Do you suppose our kids will ever care about any of those reasons? Do you care about those types of things when you think of your mother? Of course not!

I went back to see when the last pictures of me and my boys were:

Calvin and I on September 21st
(not too long ago)

Hunter and I on August 1st
(way too long ago)

The worst is when I look back at pictures of special occasions; Birthdays, holidays, fun outings/vacations and there is not a single picture of me with my boys. This also goes for pictures of them and my husband as there aren't too many of those either. You can't have those special moments back to snap a picture you may have forgotten about. It makes me sad sometimes when I miss the special ones. This past Mother's Day I made Travis take a few pictures of me and the kids because the year before I had not even thought of it and was upset by it later.

The challenge is to take a photograph with your kids each and every month. That shouldn't be too hard. While we're at it, I need to be sure to get one of the kids and Travis every month, as well as one of Travis and I together (very few of those). I'll plan to post them on the blog, so if you aren't seeing them, remind me to get with the program!!!

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Leslie M. said...

Love your pictures!!!!