Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunter at the Doctor and Girl Projects!

Hunter had his doctor appointment for a check up on Monday.  I took him in because Calvin was sleeping so Travis and he stayed behind.  Hunter weighed in at 42 pounds (100th percentile) and is 39 inches (80th percentile).  He was a little nervous, I think, because the last few times he has been to the doctor with Calvin he now associates the doctor with shots (I don't think he can remember actually getting shots himself - but maybe).  Luckily for him - and me - he didn't have to have shots this year, but will next year (they do their 'Kindergarten' shots at 4 now I guess).  He also had an eye exam and has 20/20 vision.  It was kind of cute because the nurse showed him some cards with the objects from the chart on them and the one that looked like: ⇧ he called an arrow (when most kids call it a house).  And the one that looked like: ◯ he called an 'o' when most kids say circle.  There was another one that had the outline of what was supposed to be an apple, and he called it a heart (it was pretty close to heart-shaped).  Here's the picture of him being embarrassed by the eye patch:
This is the first place I've known about that they have the kids change into a gown for their checkup.  I tried to upload last year's picture as well, but it wouldn't work for some reason, so here's this year's:
After his appointment we went to the new JoAnn's for fabric.  I'm not finishing my knitted blanket on time for Saturday's baby shower - so I decided I'd whip up another frayed edge quilt for my friend's baby girl.  We picked up some cute fabric and I splurged a little and got a rotary blade and mat because I did not want to trace squares anymore!

Isn't this fabric I picked up so cute?  

That night I got all of my squares cut out:
I love my new fabric cutting tools - can you believe when I made Hunter's blanket I traced and cut (with scissors) all 144+ squares?  Where have you been all my life Mr. Rotary Blade?

The next day I completed the blanket - it was a quick project and I had so much fun making something for a GIRL!  I'll have to do more, especially since I know of 2 other new baby girls!

The blanket all sewn up and ready to cut!
The finished product after a cycle through the washer and dryer - I love the way it frayed!
Close of of the monogramed details - personally my favorite, it adds a special touch!

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