Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oddball Baby Blankets

Have I told you that I joined the West Coast Oddball Knitters?  This is a charity group that knits blankets for newborn and preemies that might not otherwise get to enjoy a nice new blanket.  The idea is that each person assigned to work on a blanket will do their own 4 inch section, any color, any stitch pattern that follows the theme of the blanket.  I'm really excited to work on these blankets.  The first ones I'll get to help with are 'Fruity Pebbles' and 'Busy Bee' and I will post pictures before and after I do my section (I'm not really sure when my turn will be, but stay tuned!).  

Side note: I'm really loving this knitting thing...though I calculated the other day how many rows I'll need to do each day to finish my current blanket on time.  10 rows per day.  It may not seem like much, but considering I've only done like 3 rows since the day I calculated, I'm REALLY far behind!  Maybe I'll catch up one of these days (?)!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wild Stripes Baby Blanket

I'm making my own 'girlie' version of this blanket!
I got my needles on Saturday (after much frustration) 
and completed 9 rows that day  
(it's 158 stitches so one row takes awhile, 
especially since I'm a new knitter).
As of today, I have 26 rows completed!
256 rows to go!  Hope I can get it done in time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frayed Edge Quilt

I had some fabric left over from curtains I made for Hunter quite some time ago (the bright blue train print) so I thought I'd use it up and make him a frayed edge quilt (found this tutorial for making them).  This was my first frayed edge quilt, it was really easy and for the most part went pretty quickly.  

Some quilts I've seen didn't have the stitching within the square, and while doing the stitching gave it a little extra something (and allowed me to test out the different stitches my sewing machine does), it did probably double the time spent on the quilt.  I should have kept track of how long I spent, it seems like it wasn't that bad.  The worst was just cutting out the squares, and then cutting the edges wasn't all that great either, but not as bad as I was anticipating.  

I made this blanket big (twin bed size) by using 8 inch squares, 6 across and 12 down sewing 1/2 inch seams.  I don't know for sure how it would look (size-wise) on a bed because I haven't been upstairs yet to test it out (broken leg thing again).  Hopefully Hunter will enjoy it for awhile!

Travis was reading my blog yesterday and complaining that he didn't appear very much.  He was holding the blanket for pictures, I told him now was his chance so he peeked his head out for this picture.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Birthdays (and the day of his birth)

Hunter, February 10, 2006

Hunter, February 2007 (1 year old)

Hunter, February 2008 (2 years old)

Hunter, February 2009 (3 years old)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hunter!

Good morning, Hunter!
How old are you today?
Do you want to open your present from us?

Show us what you got!
Playing Elefun, the trunk inflates and blows out butterflies to catch in your net.

Hunter's Birthday dinner request was Panda Express (he loves the Mandarin Chicken).  He was pouting because we told him he didn't really need a Sprite to drink.
Nana and Gidge came over to bring Hunter a little Birthday present, Calvin loved watching Hunter open and enjoy presents (but he loves to watch him do anything - Hunter is his favorite).
The cake with frosting and sprinkles (by Hunter).

How our cake looked once baked...after Hunter dug into his piece already.

Last Day of Being 2

For Hunter's 3rd Birthday I wanted to make this cake, because I thought he'd enjoy it (but mostly because I've been dying to do a fancy cake, but didn't want to spend too much time standing in the kitchen).  Again, Hunter took all of the pictures aside from the ones he was in.  He really enjoys helping us cook/bake in the kitchen.  Calvin even enjoys being out there with us to see what's going on.  Anyway, here's our own version of the cake prior to baking:

Calvin in Photos

Calvin starting doing this thing where he sucks on his upper lip, with his tongue out.  Sometimes he gets so into it that it pulls his nose and even forehead down a bit.  I have yet to be able to capture it very well on camera.
Calvin's little toes are almost always spread away from the others like's funny.
He likes his feet!
See, he can be a happy baby!

OH, deer

My Grandma Records always used to have these 'golden' deer at her house, for as long as I can remember.  Recently she moved into and assisted living facility and while cleaning out her house, my mom thought Hunter would like these deer.  He plays with them often, usually reenacting scenes from Bambi II where one is the dad and one is Bambi or the dad is getting shot and the son is sad (that worries Travis as he does NOT want Hunter to be anti-hunting).  The deer sometimes end up in awkward positions, and they have been sitting on our coffee table like this for over a week now:


I L-O-V-E, love to watch my boys sleep...

There is just something about them being so peaceful that brings peace and joy to my heart and soul. 
(and not just because it's quiet - ha ha)

A Big Boy

FINALLY Hunter started potty training.  Prior to this time of trying, I had just let him wear a diaper and to tell me if he needed to go potty.  He never did that.  This time I just decided to put underwear on him and deal with however much laundry it would create.  The first day we had a few accidents, but then I'd have him go sit on the potty to finish.  At one point that day he was sitting on the potty and trying to go, he refused to have his 'pee guard' thing on the potty and he didn't quite get how to aim it down so it just shot out on to the carpet.  I had to laugh because it looked so funny, and also because I don't want to punish him at all for trying (I'm thrilled he was on the potty when he did it).  While he was peeing on the floor, I told him to grab a bucket that was beside him to catch it in, but he only got a small amount in the bucket.  The rest of that day (day 1) he sat on the potty and put the bucket between his legs: 

Notice the bucket between his legs?

By day 2 Hunter had just small accidents just as he was pulling his underwear down.  He really caught on quick.  Also on this day he learned how to bend over forward to aim the pee into the potty.  Bye bye, bucket!

On day 3 Hunter didn't have any accidents at all and decided it was cool to stand up in front of the potty.  He uses the small potty and puts his legs on either side of it and lowers him self down while holding on to the handles.  It's really a funny sight, haven't captured it on camera yet.  

After a few days, Hunter had only peed on the potty but Travis could tell he needed to do more so we made him sit on it and try.  He wasn't very happy about it at all.  These pictures aren't great but you can faintly make out the tear-stained cheeks.

pouty boy on the potty
We were trying to make him laugh
As of today, he has only had small accidents here and there, but often makes it through and entire day with only one pair of underwear.  He pulls his pants and underwear down when he needs to go, and just does it all on his own.

It's been a long time coming, and we're so proud of him!!!