Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Get 'er Done, Got 'er Did"

Love that line from "About the South" by Rodney Atkins!

Like I was tellin' ya, I got my hair 'did' yesterday! I had my sister take some before and after photos. Now, keep in mind that I hadn't done anything to style my hair in the was just some wash and go action, no product or heat had touched it (i.e. it looks like a nasty mess and I don't usually just wear it this way) but you get the idea:
After (mostly the same length, I think she took an inch or 2 off and added a bit more layering):

Can you see the new colors (a caramel-ish color and deep red)? I look a little 'crooked' in this one, but it shows the colors a bit better than the one above it.

Happy Sunday!

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Wendy said...

Looks great...makes me wanna get mine done again too!