Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keeping Up

things are crazy right now:

-turned in my application for nursing school last friday
(almost cried while standing there as the guy was filling
out my received receipt - can you say PMS emotional).
the application process required some fabulous testing
first and i learned that i really don't know as much
about Excel as i thought i did

-we're trying to buy a house

-i'm trying to keep up with bee blocks
last month's was finished on the last day:
this month's are done but waiting to be mailed:
working on cutting my fabric for my quilt group:
(they all have the fabric now, can't wait to see
what i get back next month!)
(my block design from Oh, Fransson!)

also thought I'd have the group do a charity baby quilt:

-i think i've signed up for more oddball
blankets than my life is allowing right now
recently finished my section in this one:
just finished this one last night:
this one is next - Superheroes
and i'd love to make a batman section
with the batman logo in the center
(never done anything like this so it's a bit
of a looney goal if you ask me) and
a "Wizard of Oz" blanket is in the mail
so i can add a section to represent munchkins

-i've been really exhausted all of the time so
usually i'd rather just go to bed than to work
on the things that are on my to do list

-my iphoto was full so i'm working on moving
pictures to disks so i can get the photos
off of my camera. i had a dilemma, save
photos to disks or thumb drives?
disks seem easier because i can write dates
on them and file them in order.
i would inevitably lose thumb drives.

How are you today?


Nancy said...

I had no idea you quilted as well as knit on the Oddball blankets. Your blocks are wonderful.

Congratulations for beginning the process to become a nurse.

If you feel like you are too busy to work on the Oddballs due to come your way, just tell Janet that I will work on them for you.

Stray Stitches said...

With all you are doing it is no surprise that you are exhausted. How wonderful to think that in the not so distant future you will be a nurse!

Melissa said...

Good luck with nursing school, Bailey. It is a wonderfully fulfilling career!