Thursday, March 31, 2011


At one of my local quilt shops, Quilt Expressions, they mail you out a postcard during your Birthday month and you can go in and save 20% on your purchase. Since today was the last day of the month, and heaven forbid that postcard go unused, I ventured into the shop. I had intentions of buying some precuts as I've never purchased or used any before. Turns out, it would help if I knew what I wanted to make and who I wanted to make it for before going shopping for fabric. Sooo....I ended up with a quilt kit, spent way more than I intended to (especially considering I got 2 gift cards for my Birthday for a different quilt shop...but that means I still have them and can get precuts after I decide what and who they would be for).

This beautiful fabric is for this quilt pattern:

Photo courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop

I'm super excited to start this quilt, but I think that it's going to have to be put away until after we're moved and settled in. If I start another new project I will never get this house packed! Maybe this quilt kit will give me the motivation I need to get through the moving process! Oh, well that and my new quilting space that I will have!


Sara said...

I love you kit;) I may have to venture over to my "new" local quilt shop and see what kind of deals they do(sneaky me!). Enjoy your weekend!

Stray Stitches said...

Beautiful fabric. It will make up into a wonderful quilt.

RenegadeQuilter said...

A trip to Quilt Expressions - fun! I am coming down again soon & will be going there forsure.

Is your new house in the same area?