Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam's Graduation, Part 1

Friday, May 15th Hunter and I packed up in my mom's car with her, Gary and Mackenzie and spent a good portion of the day driving to Clarkston, WA where we stayed in a motel the night before my brother Adam's graduation.  It was at dinner that night, after driving around Clarkston and Lewiston, ID looking for the perfect place for dinner, that the significance of Clarkston and Lewiston occurred to me.  I'm pretty sure it must have looked like a light went off because everyone turned to me wondering what was going on.  Of course my mom and Gary thought I was slow...but I can always count on my sister to be right there with me (no offense, sis) - she hadn't gotten it yet, either.  Do you get it?  If I put it in the order Lewiston and Clarkston, does that help?  No?  Okay LEWISton AND CLARKston - does that clear things up?

Hunter took this picture of Mackenzie taking his picture

Hunter trying out the nice motel bed!

Hunter took this not so fabulous picture of me

I took this one of Mackenzie who was doing a photo shoot of some sort of Hunter.

Hunter sound asleep in the morning.  He always ends up with the most bed when sharing with 2 adults - how does that happen?

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Annie said...

I'm waiting for part 2.... :)