Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation, Part 2

I had given Hunter the choice to stay home with Dad and Calvin, or to come with me on a long car ride.  He chose to come with me, but I guess I forgot to mention the part of sitting through a really long and boring graduation ceremony because not 10 minutes into it Hunter was crying and wanting to go to Grammy's house (where Calvin was spending the night).  My dad had to take Hunter for a walk, then Hunter was taking pictures to help pass the time.  He ended up doing great - better than you can expect from a lot of 3 year olds!
Hunter sitting on Nana's lap, nearly sleeping

After the ceremony we met Adam outside and headed to another building for a small reception and then we did some family pictures.  We walked all over the place which was great for Hunter to release some energy.

Adam, Dad and Clela

He's smarter than he looks - ha ha

Hunter with Uncle Burbs

Adam, Mom and Gary

Me, Burbs and Gidge

He didn't sleep the whole way up - the way home was a different story

Hunter and Mackenzie sharing the iPod

Congratulations to my brother - we're so proud of you and know you'll accomplish wonderful things!

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