Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Calvin's Stats

I almost forgot to post Calvin's stats from his doctor visit today:

Weight: an even 12 pounds (could have been more had he not been sick over the weekend?)
Length: 23 inches

Both numbers are in the 50th percentile.

Calvin had 3 shots today and has been sleeping since about 4pm - it's now 11:30.  Are we in for a long night?  I hope not!

It was REALLY cold this morning.  Calvin has grown out of his little baby hats (maybe they never really fit well to begin with) so I found this one that was Hunter's at some point.  It's a little too big...we told Calvin he looked like a little bank robber.  Hunter then quoted Transformers (another of his favorite movies) "Don't talk to me!  Don't talk to me criminal!"  (only it comes out more like 'cram-nal').

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