Friday, November 14, 2008


So, we got a letter from our wretched property management place yesterday (what now?):

"recently, a visual exterior inspection was performed for your home that you are renting...and the following conditions were noted:

***All leaves must be cleaned up from property

Please take the necessary actions to ensure that these item(s) are remedied immediately."

Hello, people!  Have you not noticed that it's Fall, and like Travis so observantly pointed out, it's been raining for like a week.  

Okay, so I know they're just doing their job to help make sure 'their' properties look decent.  I'll have you know I went out and raked the $h!t out of those leaves today; the first one on our block to do so, and we don't even own our house.  While I was raking I was super glad we didn't live on a large amount of land with a lot of trees.  Wait, but if we did we wouldn't have CC&Rs to oblige by...we could park the FedEx truck in the driveway and NEVER rake leaves.  I dream of living outside of the city.

While I was out raking leaves Hunter was riding his bike on the sidewalk and Calvin was inside sleeping (yes - I did check on him often).  Anyway, Hunter rode his bike down to the neighbors house and I couldn't see him behind the car in the driveway.  I yelled at him to come back and I hear him riding back and yelling "Dory, Dory, where are you?"  He comes around from behind the car and says "oh, there you are Dory!"  Now, clearly my name is NOT Dory - what is he talking about?  "It's from Nemo."  So it is.  

He quite often reenacts scenes from movies; he's quite an actor, it really amazes me.  It started about 7 months ago, he got the movie Snow Buddies for his birthday and he started doing the part where the kid crashes on his dog sled and telling us to say "oh no, Adam (the boys name), wake up!"

Hunter's current favorite movie is Cars and he'll recite many lines from the movie, he also likes to sing the songs (which cracks me up hear his attempts, especially that of "Sh-Boom") and the other day I found him lining up his toy cars and reenacting various parts of the movie.  

So today when he was 'looking for Dory' I wasn't shocked, it was just another thing to add to his 'résumé' of acting parts.


Annie said...

That sucks you had a rake up leaves. If i were you i would just take all of them and scatter them in your neighbors yards tonight while their sleeping.
When you were saying Hunter was asking where Dory was, i thought for a minute maybe it was his imaginary friend, so i was glad to find out it wasn't! :)

Annie said...

Oh yeah and how did you do such a fancy post, with pics and everything? I guess i need to play around with this thing some more!

This Crazy Life of Mine said...

Hunter's little line up of stuffed animals makes me wonder if he is preparing to make out like Rudolph and lead the pact. So sweet.

Raking leaves? Ha! The fallen leaves are the only thing that make my house look some what festive.

Craft day sounds awesome, unfortunately I am already doing something this Saturday. Maybe I could come over after work one of these days and we can work on our stuff anyways? Sarah is in school until 4:30ish...and other two are in school also. Let me know.

I gotta figure out how to transfer images from a picture onto some iron-on fabric. Got any ideas?

This Crazy Life of Mine said...

BTW. I'm with Annie (???) how are you getting images on your blog? Shoot..maybe I will just bring my notebook and you can show me some pointers.