Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gift Bags

A piece of advice (for myself, and anyone else who wants it):
If you are going to a baby shower, or giving a gift to a new baby, you should use wrapping paper.  DO NOT USE A BABY GIFT BAG!  I know they are so cute, but please - refrain yourself.  I don't always use wrapping paper, usually because my gift is purchased on the way to the shower and put together in the car (since I always put things off until the last minute - a bad habit I need to change).
Anyway, if you can't use wrapping paper, the next best thing is to use a generic gift bag, not one specific to baby.  Why you ask?

I cannot tell you how many baby gift bags I have in my closet from when Hunter was born and that I've added to since Calvin was born!  At quick count (without digging too deep) I counted 24.  Thing is, I don't know 24 people who are going to have a baby so those bags will remain in my closet and maybe even move a time or 2 with me (since I never throw things away - another bad habit to change) until someone has a baby (perhaps I'll give a gift for my grandchildren in these same bags and I can say, "your daddy got a present in this bag when he was born").

I did get some generic gift bags - a blue and green stripe one, a Pooh and friends one, a Carebear one - that I can use again for a kids birthday or other gift.  God bless the ones who bought those bags! 

Think of me if you're going to a baby shower.  Either think of my closet full of baby gift bags and say to yourself "I need to wrap this gift," OR, even better, swing by my house and shop my closet - my gift bags are FREE and you're welcome to them! 


Annie said...

Amen! I actually just recently went through and got rid of a lot of my gift bags!

Bailey said...

Yeah, I should do that's just hard because I HATE spending so much money on them and would rather reuse if they're in good condition. They're ridiculously expensive!

This Crazy Life of Mine said...

Hey Bailey,
What I like to use instead of a gift bag or wrapping paper, is a receiving blanket. Place the gifts in the middle and pull the edges up and through the center of a teething ring, rattle, or any other type of ring that has the little hand-toys on them...WALLAH! Nothing to throw out or shove in your closet for future clutter.