Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Out

So last night it occurred to me that I had not left my house (except to get the mail) since Saturday night.  That's 4 days of being confined to the house, no wonder I was getting irritated and somewhat depressed.  Though in those 4 days of being home I had managed to get some cleaning done so I guess there is a plus side.  Anyway, I decided that today we needed to get out, after all I'm sure the boys needed it as much as I did.

We got up when Travis was leaving for work, both of the boys had baths and we were out of the house by 10:30 (that's pretty good if you ask me).  We drove out to the FedEx terminal which thrills Hunter because we drive on Gowen Road passing the airport and Gowen Field.  He was telling Calvin before we left the house that we were going to see airplanes and tanks.  Hunter was extra excited when we got off the freeway and he could see the "P.U.S" (that's UPS to you and I) airplane.

So, at the FedEx terminal I applied to be a 'helper' meaning I'd be able to ride along with Travis and help him with his route.  We're thinking that if I can do this with him when I'm not working during this peak that we may not have to hire anyone else to drive and it may help financially (anything we can do, right?).  Travis' concern is that we'll want to kill each other after riding around all day together...maybe, but we'll just have to see - it's worth a shot anyway.  

After that we had a stop to make by my friend Annie's work to drop off some Pampered Chef stuff her boss had ordered and then it was off to grocery shopping.  Is it sad that I enjoy grocery shopping because it gets me out of the house?  Since we were in the area, Hunter thought we should visit Nana's work (yes, he does know that WinCo is by Nana's work and he also had to inform me that the Home Depot that is there is NOT the one his dad took him to the other day, it was a different Home Depot - wow that kid is smart).  

After leaving my mom's work Hunter said, "thanks for taking me to visit at Nana's.  I had a good day."  See, he really did need to get out of the house as much as I did.  Let's not go 4 days again!

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