Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Week

What a sick week - literally.
It all started last Monday when Travis was settling Hunter in the car to go to Auto Zone (he needed yet another part for his pick-up).  I was inside making a cake and they came back in the front door, Hunter crying.  He had gotten sick.  It was all over the front of him and I guess all over the car - I don't know, thankfully Travis cleaned that up, but I guess it went all over the back of the driver's seat (Hunter sits on the passenger side).  So, I had Hunter spit out his gum (yeah - somehow he managed to keep the gum in his mouth despite throwing up twice) and up to the bath he went.  

So, long story (somewhat) short, he got sick a couple more times that day, nothing happened Tuesday but then Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) was 'a shitty day' (my description of the day to Travis when he innocently asked me how my day was).  So, you may be able to guess from the pun, but if  you can't then I'll just say things were coming out the other end in both boys.  There were a lot of diaper changes and 3 baths between the 2 boys.  

Hunter resting on Wednesday

Thursday or maybe it was Friday, I woke up not feeling too well, got sick a couple of times, but luckily was able to get a fair amount of sleep (Hunter is pretty independent and plays well or watches a movie while I'm in and out of sleep on the couch - while Calvin cuddles with me) and I was mostly better by evening.  So, Travis was also sick Friday and Saturday, unfortunately he still had to work, and things are kind of starting to pick up for him, not they ever really slowed down much, so he was in bad shape (thanks, babe for working so hard through anything to provide for us). 

Calvin started getting sick Friday evening.  He was vomiting everything he ate, I called the ask a nurse thing to see if I could do anything for him - that took forever trying to get the Dr. to call me back (at the nurse's suggestion).  She just told me things to watch for and keep trying to get him to eat.  I 'slept' on the couch with him while Travis was covered in every blanket in the house from like 9pm on (the earliest I think he's EVER gone to bed).  Saturday Calvin was better, no longer vomiting, but still kind of weak and tired.  

Sunday, everyone was better, just tired and not much for appetites.  Sunday also marked Calvin's 2nd month with us.  Wow!  These 2 months have gone fast!  Calvin goes to the doctor tomorrow, so I'll post his stats then.

Pictures on Sunday - Calvin Carter, 2 months old

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